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COL® Shutters Sdn.Bhd. was established in 1986 as a manufacturer and roller shutter supplier across Malaysia. In order to become the leading roller shutter supplier & manufacturer in Malaysia, we continue to expand through developing and manufacturing various types of roller shutters which provide a variety of safety and security applications in either residential, commercial or industrial areas. Our products consist of Transparent V® Polycarbonate roller shutter, Fire Resistant roller shutter, Perforated Pin Hole roller shutter, Light and Heavy duty roller shutter, Aluminium Insulated roller shutter, Aluminium Grille roller shutter, Tru-V Roller Shutter, Folding door, Col-A-Door and High Speed Door.

We are located in Batu Caves, Malaysia and produce high quality roller shutters and their related accessories to meet the stringent demands of our clients, mainly supplying to government, banks, developers, shopping malls, chain-links and export markets. Our roller shutters are manufactured in Kuala Lumpur and we have a team of highly motivated, experienced engineers, and technicians who are more than capable of achieving and maintaining the highest quality of the products and services provided by us. They are also well trained in the art of installation, as a perfect installation is the key to a worry free product experience. As the leading roller shutter supplier, we can guarantee that we are able to provide around the clock maintenance and repair services to all our clients, especially during off-peak hours and during emergency periods.

Our Fire Resistant roller shutters have been thoroughly tested and certified by all relevant parties and authorities including BOMBA Malaysia, SIRIM Malaysia, and Exova Warringtonfire (AUS) Pty Ltd. We are also a registered proprietor of the Malaysian Industrial Design Registration (No.MY 02-00360) for our Perforated Pin Hole roller shutter. All of these are a testament to the quality of our products, customer service as well as technological advancements.

Our company’s main objective is to be recognized as the top roller shutter manufacturer & supplier in Malaysia through not only the quality of our products, but also through our people and our unwavering commitment to our clients. We believe and practice the “Kaizen Concept’ in our daily operations to ensure continuous improvements in the company’s products, services and people. We have also met the strict requirements of ISO 9001:2008 which further reinforces our emphasis on quality products and services. At COL® Shutters Sdn. Bhd., we have started out small in the local industry since 1986, but have now grown to compete in the international market. We do our very best to ensure that each of our products meet the foreign customer’s requirements and specifications. We are also well versed in the various export procedures; therefore we can ensure that your products arrive on time and in perfect condition.Since 2002, we have been exporting to over 20 countries including Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Kenya, Ethiopia, and many more. Venturing into these markets have granted us much needed insight into the demands of the international market which has led us to consistently monitor and improve the quality of our products for both the local and international market