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COL ® Perforated PinHole Roller Shutter has 3mm diameter holes perforated on the surface of the curtain which allow the visibility of approximately 60% clear view from inside and outside through the interlocking lath. The edge of the slats are not perforated in which to strengthen the structure where support the persistence of Pin hole roller shutter. The function of perforated holes is to enable sufficient light to enhance the visibility of the interior of premise and allows air to circulate without allowing direct access to the enclosed space.


COL ® Perforated PinHole Roller Shutter is suitable for Bank, Shop Fronts, Shopping Mall, Bars, restaurants, Airports, and Public Buildings where both security and great visibility for displaying products are the major concern at the same time.

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Mode of Operation Method

  • Manually Spring Operation
  • Motorised Operation
  • Chain hoist Operation


  • Powder Coated (Available in various powder coating colours)
  • Pre-painted finish in our standard colours. (Colourbond)


  • High visibility to show and display the goods and products
  • Better air circulation and ventilation
  • The trend of contemporary and modern design
  • Certified as Brand Industrial design by Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia


  • COL ® Perforated PinHole Roller Shutter has certified the license with the reference as Malaysia Industry Design MY02-00360.