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COL ® Fire Resistant roller shutter designed and tested to be an extremely effective fire resistance barrier which could meet the stringent requirements of Malaysia Bomba as well as the architects. Fire Resistant roller shutter is to protect and preserve your properties and inventories at the same time in the event of fire. The fire resistance period could be extend from 1 hour up to 4 hours depending on customer’s preference selection.


Fire Resistant Roller Shutter is ideally to be installed at Industrial area, Hospital, Shop Fronts, Shopping Malls, Bars, restaurants, Airports, Public Buildings and etc.

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Mode of Operation

  • Only Motorised c/w push button

Fire Shutter will be triggered by receiving signal from fusible link or 24V replay when heat has been detected. Fire Shutter will then roll down automatically, therefore act as a fire barrier and allows sufficient time to evacuate the building. However, it can be override by manual chain in the case of power failure.


  • Powder Coated (Available in various powder coating colours)
  • Galvanised Iron/ Zincalume


  • Maximised fire protection of your premises and assets
  • Can withstand Fire from 1 hour up to 4 hours
  • Reliable and strong profile
  • To prevent fire spread in the event of fire
  • Certified by SIRIM Malaysia (Quality assurance organization), BOMBA (a local fire-proved authority), British Standard & EXOVA (the International Standard)
  • Tested and approved by SIRIM