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COL® Aluminium Insulated Roller Shutter is ideally designed as a security barrier that provides adequate level of insulation. It is best to be installed at entrances where access is regular but keeping the building with constant temperature is significant. This type of roller shutter also allows you to control the light, heat and noise from entering your premises.


Aluminium Insulated Roller Shutter is widely used in the commercial and industrial market especially industries and businesses with cold storage, where temperature retaining is significant to preserve their goods. It can also be installed at entrances that need to keep out wind, heat, cold, and dust . Additionally, the aluminium insulated roller shutter acts as an anti theft security barrier.

Our Aluminium Insulated Roller Shutters are constructed with high quality aluminium curtains with a motorised operation for ease of use. The aluminium finishing on the roller shutter uses the standard Natural Anodised finish or powder coated. Contact us here to know more about our Aluminium Insulated Roller Shutters or scroll down below for more information.

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  • Preventing Strong Cold and Heat
  • Increase Burglary Protection
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Noise Reduction
  • Wind Pressure Resistance
  • Low Maintenance


Operation Method

COL® Aluminium Insulated Roller Shutter is preferably to be operated in Motorised Operation.


Design Specification

COL® Aluminium Insulated Roller Shutter is constructed with foam filled double skinned aluminium curtains with an attractive with smooth surface in order to enhance your premises.



COL® Aluminium Insulated Roller Shutter is available in the standard Natural Anodised finish.