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COL® COL-A-Door is an industrial roller shutter constructed with the latest technology which provides the features of quiet and smooth operation. All of our industrial roller shutters are created with high quality materials to provide the optimal security and protection for the high value factory equipment or machineries inside your facility. 


The industrial roller shutter is created to enhance the overall output by operating at high speed for opening and closing. Industrial roller shutters are ideally suited for commercial, industrial and residential premises where the internal climate or environment needs to be controlled.

Our COL® COL-A-Door are specially constructed with lightweight steel sheets that are perfect for both industrial and commercial use with a motorised operation. Contact us here to know more about our Col-A-Door Industrial Roller Shutter.

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  • High Speed Operation
  • Silent Operation
  • Secure and Durable
  • Low Maintenance


Operation Method

COL® COL-A-Door is available in Manual operation or Motorised operation

Note: COL® COL-A-Door has dual functions, it can be switched from electrical to manual operation when it is needed by users during emergency


Design Specification

COL® COL-A-Door is specially constructed with light weight single layered extruded steel sheets.



COL® COL-A-Door slats is available in pre-painted profile (which is also known as Colourbond), with smooth and trendy appearance.