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COL® Folding Door is designed uniquely with Bi-Fold function. It is the ultimate solution to maximize visibility for diverged spaces within premises. The extraordinary look of the folding door can easily be blended into living spaces as a divider where access control is needed. Folding Door is compiled with the highest flexibility as well as ease of operation. COL® Folding Door is perfectly designed with large opening views that allow your living spaces to be filled with natural light and but simultaneously to foil from unwanted intruders.


COL® Folding Door is well suited for all kinds of commercial or retail premises, which include retail shops, cafes, restaurants, clubs, bars, coffee shops to name a few. Nevertheless, it's stunning design is likely to be the perfect solution for enhancing the residential entrances where security is essential.

Why choose a folding door? Folding doors are best suited for businesses that want to showcase their products to customers even during closed hours. Folding doors keep the aesthetics of your shoplot perfectly visible while providing security and theft-prevention. View more information about our folding doors below or contact us here to know more.

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  • Occupy little space for wider opening
  • Versatile opening with seamless transition in space
  • Modern and stylish appearance
  • Space divider with stunning appearance
  • With minimal and easy maintenance
  • Illusion of wider space
  • Light weight
  • High visibility with slim profile
  • Silent operation
  • Minimal cost of maintenance


Operation Method

COL® Folding Door is operating in a manual system, users could get access by folding the panels manually to the size, which only utilizes a small fraction of total space, hereafter creating a panoramic view wih the merge of internal and external spaces.


Design Specification

COL® Folding Door is constructed by aluminium frame with inserted polycarbonate plate that provides incredible durability with elegant appearance.


COL - 300 Aluminium Folding Door:

  • 300mm (width) for each panel
  • 1.5mm (thickness) for polycarbonate plate
  • 250mm (width) polycarbonate plate inserted to aluminium frame
  • Maximum height up to 3.5meter
  • Manually operated



The frame of Folding Door are available in various finishing to best suit customer's desires:

  • Natural Anodised
  • Powder Coated (Available in various standard powder coating colours)