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COL® Aluminium Grille Roller Shutter is ideally developed to maximize the security of places where public access are essential to be restricted. This safety advanced performance grille is built without sacrificing air circulation, visual access and light infiltration towards the interior of premises.


Aluminium Grille Roller Shutter are widely used in commercial, industrial, residential, retail outlets, garages, serving counters, display units and any places where security, excellent vision, interruption free, and air ventilation are primary concerns.

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  • Corrosion resistant
  • Excellent Air Circulation and Ventilation
  • High Level Visibility
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Level of Security Protection
  • Solid appearance
  • Asset Longevity
  • Guard against theft


Operation Method

COL® Aluminium Grille Roller Shutter is available in Manual operation, Motorised operation or Chain Hoist operation.


Design Specification

COL® Aluminium Grille Roller Shutter is formed with the connection of solid vertical Aluminium Flat Bars and horizontal Aluminium round tubes running the full width of the grille by steel rods to enable the roller shutter to span without sagging.



COL® Aluminium Grille Roller Shutter has two options of finishing available as below:

  • The standard Natural Anodised finish
  • Powder Coater (Available in various standard powder coating colours)