Perforated Pinhole

Roller Shutter

perforated roller shutter


  • Fabricated from high grade steel, COL® Perforated Pin Hole Roller Shutter has 3mm diameter holes perforated on the surface of the curtain.
  • Visibility of approximately 50% through the perforated slats.
  • Edge of the slats are not perforated to prevent weakening of joints.

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Advantages & Features Of Perforated Roller Shutter

  • Strong and sturdy appearance, able to cope with large forces
  • Allows optimal amount of light to pass through, therefore customers can still view the goods through the perforated slats
  • Perforated pin holes allow for better air circulation and ventilation

Operation Method

Manual operated: Hand pull (spring type), Chain Block

Motorised operated: Electrical Gear Motor. (either single phase or three phase)
(Whichever system you choose will be tailored to suit your particular requirements.)


  • Colourbond
  • Powder Coated
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